Share Netflix and Goodreads on Clique

One thing that sets Clique apart from other dating sites is that we pull in your social media feeds. This way you don’t need to spend time filling out an in-depth profile and your future dates can get a candid peek into your life.

Today we are very excited to announce that in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, Clique will pull in your Netflix and Goodreads accounts too! If you opt in, the movies you’ve watched instantly and rented from Netflix will appear on your profile. So will the books you’ve read or are currently reading on Goodreads.

You can add these feeds by hitting “Edit” on your profile page. From there click ‘Manage Feeds’ and add Netflix and Goodreads. Now you and your next date can bond over the fact that you’re both reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy! Or that you both have a thing for cheesy Kate Hudson rom-coms…

Over the weekend, we scored some really great press from Mashable. They chose to feature us in their Spark of Genius series. Clique saw a ton of interest from readers in just a few hours, and even more in the days that followed. This was our first piece of press devoted entirely to Clique, and we feel really grateful to Mashable for selecting us. But most importantly, a huge thank you to people all over the globe—from Mumbai to Los Angeles—for reaching out and cheering us on. Take a peek and spread the word!

A smarter way to invite your friends

We totally know how you feel: You’ve become completely obsessed with Clique, and you want to get your friends on the site to share in your obsession. But no matter how long you stare at your unsent invites, you can’t decide who to send them to.

We’ve just changed that, making it easy for you to see which of your friends is pining after an invite. Instead of going through your address book, trying to decide if your college sorority sister or BFF from childhood gets the goods, we’ll surface anyone you know who has already requested an invite to Clique. You can also add your own personal message to the invite. Basically, we want to help you grow your network in the smartest, most personalized way possible. Who will you invite next?

Friday feature round-up!

One thing we’ve heard from a lot of you is that you’d like more ways to find your friends who are already on Clique. In addition to Facebook, you can now quickly find your friends on Clique using your Twitter and Gmail contacts. And if there’s someone in particular you’re looking for, you can search for them by entering their email address.

Another addition to Clique this week is an account settings interface, which can be accessed from your profile page. Once there, you can change your email, name and password; select which email notifications you wish to receive; and un-hide connections or friends. You can even deactivate your account, if you wanna be like that.

More profile photos + new cropping tool

Exciting announcement today from CliqueHQ: You can now add additional photos to your profile page! We know how important viewing multiple pictures of a potential date is, and let’s face it: You want to know what (er, who) to expect before you go out. 

We’ve added a neat-o cropping tool as well. We suggest using it to focus on yourself in a group shot. That way, no one has to guess which beer-guzzling dude you are. Winning!

Log in, upload some new pictures and kill the rest of the work day perusing your dates’ new mugshots. 

Post-launch feature round-up

Since our launch two weeks ago, we’ve gotten some great feedback from our beta users. From minor bugs to desired features, you told us what you wanted to see on Clique—and we’re doing our best to make your vision a reality. Here are a few additions we’ve made so far, and there are more in progress. We hope you like them!

  • We’ll send you an email notification when a someone adds you as a friend, when you receive a message, when a friend recommends you, and when you’ve been matched with someone
  • Revamped inbox, including new icons and a clearer indication of unread messages
  • An option for Clique to remember your log-in information, for a quicker sign-in process
  • The ability to see more social media updates on profiles of friends and dates

We’ve got some really cool things on the horizon, too: the ability to add more profile photos, a super-sleek cropping tool, and of course, invitations to send to your friends. Keep in touch with us as you come across problems or see the need for additions, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on new features. 

Happy Valentines Day! And happy Clique launch day! Thanks to all who came out and supported us last night. The party was pretty darn perfect! :)

Check out the rest of the photos from the launch party here.

You’re invited to our pre-Valentines Day launch party! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

You’re invited to our pre-Valentines Day launch party! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!